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Burn Care... Everywhere Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the development and implementation of programs meant to improve the quality of life for both burn center patients and their families. A not-for-profit organization, the foundation is committed to financing research, educating the public, and conducting programs for burn awareness and prevention. We are striving to prevent burns and their devastating effects on the human body and also provide a dignified rehabilitation process to those who fall victim to this horrifying situation.

Burn Care... Everywhere Foundation, Inc. is committed to soliciting, receiving, administering and dispensing gifts and grants, and to act without profit as trustee of educational and charitable trusts for the benefit of patients of burn centers. We are also committed to distributing educational materials relative to the prevention of fires.

Since our formation in 1996, we have worked closely with the Westchester Enrico "Hank" Longo Burn Center at the Westchester Medical Center in providing items that have eased the burden for both burn patients and their families. During the past year, more than 500 children have seen and used the Fire Safety Trailer at the WHUD Kids Fair at the Westchester County Center and at the Firefighters Five Alarm Chili Challenge and Fall Festival. During this event, more than 200 tub testers were handed out to families with young children in order to educate them on the importance of water temperature and how it can cause thermal burns. With the help of the Fairview Fire Department and its firefighters, children all over the area have enjoyed and learned from the fire safety puppet show.

We have been able to support the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation Inc. camp for burned children. It is the only camp of its kind in the Northeast and enables children with burns from all over the country to enjoy a week of carefree fun while recovering from the trauma of severe burns. The foundation also has supported the Westchester Fire Investigators, as well as the Nassau county Firefighters Burn Foundation and the New York City Firefighters Burn Foundation at Cornell Medical Center.

The foundation has also received support from various organizations, including the Greenburgh Firefighters Association, International Association of Firefighters, locals throughout the country, and numerous fire departments and volunteer companies. We have received tax-deductable contributions from the private and public sectors. Burn Care... Everywhere Foundation, Inc. urges fire education and prevention. We are working to establish a network and support groups that are so dearly needed. Our job is to educate the public so we can all reduce the number of fires in this country, therefore reducing the number of burn victims.

The rash of recent fires has been devastating: fire in Manhattan, four people die; fire in Brooklyn, three firefighters die; fire in New Rochelle, families left homeless; fire in Yonkers, family left homeless; fire in Greenburgh, home damaged; fire in Mohegan, two people die. When will we ever learn? Fire destroys lives, property and can kill.

The one thing these fires all have in common: Early detection could have made the difference. Working smoke detectors are your first line of defence.

As a fire captain in the Greenville Fire District, I give basic fire safety rules to the fifth-grade fire education class at Seeley Place School:

  • Get a smoke detector and have it installed. Change the batteries twice a year (when changing your clocks) or have it wired into the electrical system. Even better is having it monitored by an alarm company.
  • Know your local fire department's telephone number - 911. Call the fire department first, give them the correct address of the fire.
  • If you live in an apartment building and the fire is in your apartment, leave immediately and close the door behind you. It is there for a purpose: to help stop the fire.
  • Have an emergency escape plan - EDITH: Exit Drill In The Home. Know two ways to get out.
  • If you are trapped in your home or apartment, call the fire department and report exactly which room you are in.
  • Keep all radiators and heaters free of clothing, draperies and flammable materials.
  • Above all, use common sense. The fire department is there to help. If you think you have a fire-related problem, call!

Fires may not always be preventable, but early detection can prevent burns, loss of property, and above all, loss of life.

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