Barbeque Safety

Summertime is barbeque grilling time. We want you to have a safe and tasty grilling season. Barbeque grilling can be fun but it can also be dangerous. Please take the time to be careful; many people are injured in gas grill fires and explosions. Here are some tips that should keep you safe for the summer.

  • NEVER use a gas or charcoal grill inside a house or apartment. It creates CARBON MONOXIDE and that can kill you.
  • NEVER place a full propane tank in your car trunk, it's like having dynamite in the car. Place tank in the rear seat and drive with the windows open for adequate ventilation.
  • KEEP all grills at least 10 feet away from a building. DO NOT use grills inside of a garage or under a porch or a roof. If it's raining and you want that steak?? USE AN UMBRELLA.
  • Before you use your grill check ALL the hoses for FRAYING, CRACKS, OR HOLES. Check for any leaks. If there are leaks DO NOT attempt to light the grill.
  • DO NOT store any LPG tanks, full or empty in the house or garage. Chain them to a tree in the backyard.
  • PLEASE read ALL of your instructions carefully before using your grill. Newer models of grills have additional safety features built into them; know what these are.

Accidents can happen any time, if one does call for help quickly. Any burns to the hands, face or arms are very serious and painful. Emergency Medical Personnel should treat them quickly. If you follow these few points, as well as some common sense, you should have a safe and happy barbeque season.

Walter E. Ferguson, Director Burn Care...Everywhere Foundation Inc.
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