Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety Tips:

  1. Learn and practice to "Stop, Drop and Roll"
  2. In smoke get low under smoke and GO!
  3. Practice Fire Drills, also known as Fire Exit Drills:
    • Have at least 2 exits, and know them well!
    • Have an assembly point, a place where everyone can meet up and know everyone is all right.
    • Use stairs, never elevators! Break windows and screens if necessary, don't take the time to open them.

Burn First Aid:

  • Call 911
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Crawl low under smoke
  • Remove all burned clothing, but not if it is stuck to burned skin
  • Use COOL water immediately on the burn. DO NOT use vaseline, butter, or ice.
  • Cover the burn. Use a clean dry cloth/sheet. Keep the person warm to avoid shock.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.

Become a Burn Buster!

In Every Room:

  • Cover all electrical sockets with outlet covers
  • Replace frayed wiring or loose connections
  • Unplug all appliances and decorative lighting before going out or to sleep
  • Remove all wiring/cords from under rugs (a severe fire hazard) and place out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep all lights and matches out of children's reach
  • NEVER overload outlets or dangle cords
  • NEVER put papers or flammable items near hot appliances and on top of lamps

In the Bedroom:

  • Keep electrical heaters away from bedding
  • NEVER smoke

In the Kitchen:

  • Keep potholders, aprons, paper away from the stove and oven
  • Turn pothandles inward so they can't be reached/pulled down by children
  • Use frying pan screens to prevent grease from splattering
  • Cover pan with a lid if grease catches fire
  • Throw baking soda or salt on grease fires
  • Lock chemicals and cleaning agents away or put them out of reach of children

In the Living Room:

  • Keep fireplace covered with a protective screen
  • Remove flammable items from near the fireplace or room heaters
  • NEVER leave children alone when a fireplace is lit
  • NEVER leave candles burning unattended
  • NEVER leave cigarettes unattended/smoldering in ashtrays

In the Backyard:

  • Keep barbeque equipment away from flammable items
  • Supervise fire and cooking
  • Extinguish coals or fire when unattended
  • NEVER leave barbeque of fire unattended
  • NEVER apply additional lighter fluid once the fire is started
  • NEVER leave young children in charge of the fire
  • NEVER, NEVER use gasoline to light the fire or pour it on coals!!!

In the Bath:

  • Set hot water heater thermostat to 120 degrees F
  • Supervise children or disabled persons while bathing
  • Test bath/shower temperature before bathing
  • NEVER leave children alone while they're bathing
  • Tap water can severely injure in no time at all!
  • Hot water causes 2nd degree burns in:
    • 1 second @ 156 degrees
    • 2 seconds @ 149 degrees
    • 5 seconds @ 140 degrees
    • 15 seconds @ 133 degrees

For a more comprehensive chart of water temperature to severity of burns comparison, go to the hot water scald table.

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